Welcome to Cusp…

The Kingdom of Agral in the land of Rowhala—

The Seat of the Queen of Ravens—

This is not a land of great heroism, but as such has room to spare for heroes…

Will you conquer the other lands of Cusp in the name of the Queen?

Will you push the boundaries of magic through advances in science and technology?

Will you join the fey in their eternal dance in the Royal Court of Agral, or fall in with the criminal machines in the great City of Herstmonceux?

After over three hundred years of delicate peace, the land is on the brink of war, and there are rumors of monsters reappearing in the wilds. Can the Tyrants be returning?

This version of the world takes place in an early 1800's or Georgian/Regency style setting, with mercantilism, innovation, and nationalism on the rise. Please see the links below for more information:




Soon, we will add your own tales of daring:


CUSP: Undiscovered Country